Ocean Matrix VGA/XGA & Balanced Audio 4x4 Switcher

Ocean Matrix VGA/XGA & Balanced Audio 4x4 Switcher
Item# OMX-VG4X4
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Product Description

The OMX-VG4X4 is a 4x4-matrix switcher for VGA/XGA signals and balanced audio stereo signals. It routes four sources to four acceptors simultaneously (true matrix operation). The audio signals reside on detachable terminal block connectors for easy connection and operation. Bandwidth exceeding 440MHz ensures transparent VGA/XGA performance. The inputs and output are directly coupled, and conform to the highest standards.

The machine has advanced options - audio follow video or breakaway, storing and recalling setups, a "take" function for precise switch control and panel "lock" button for elimination of occasional, unintended errors.

This matrix switcher is controlled by front panel switches, or remotely by RS-485 or RS-232 serial commands transmitted by a touch screen system, personal computer, or other serial control device. The machine is housed in a rugged, professional rack mountable enclosure.

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