Ocean Matrix OMX-SW8X8NT 8x8 Video & Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher

Ocean Matrix OMX-SW8X8NT 8x8 Video & Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher
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Product Description

The Ocean Matrix OMX-SW8X8NT is a high performance, 8x8 vertical interval matrix switcher for composite video and stereo audio signals. It is a true matrix, allowing the user to route any input to any or all outputs simultaneously. Since the OMX-SW8X8NT switches during the vertical interval, transitions are glitch-free when sources share a common reference sync. There are many updated features on this popular design including audio breakaway, which provides the ability to switch audio independently from video.

Eight preset memory locations are provided for quick access to common configurations.Ocean Matrix's K-Router control software is included for applications where a Windows - based PC is used to control the OMX-SW8X8NT. There are a total of three ways to control the OMX-SW8X8NT: front-panel buttons, RS-232, and RS-485. It is dependable, rugged, and fits in two vertical spaces of a standard 19" rack. Video bandwidth of 100MHz. ensures that the OMX-SW8X8NT remains transparent even in the most critical applications.

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