6x1 Passive Video & Stereo Audio Switcher

6x1 Passive Video & Stereo Audio Switcher
Item# OMX-PSW6
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Product Description

    Where high quality audio/video signal switching is required, the OMX-PSW6 is the answer. This passive device is designed as a general purpose signal switcher, or to fit the needs of facilities where "signal sniffing" is needed. The unit features large visible lockout mechanical switches.


  • Inputs Audio: 6 Audio RCA Connectors

  • Inputs Video: 6 Video BNC Connectors

  • Switching: Mechanical, interlock lockout BBM

  • Dimensions: 1.625H x 8.25W x 6D (Inches), Steel Housing

  • Rack Mount Kit Holds One or Two Boxes

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