6X1 Passive Switcher with VU Meters and 30W Power Amp

6X1 Passive Switcher with VU Meters and 30W Power Amp
Item# OMX-DEM100
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Product Description


  • Master control signal selector

  • Non Linear source Selector

  • Quality Control system

  • Scope input selector for monitoring

  • Field production test setup

  • Lab diagnostic switcher

  • Remote signal switcher for ENG

  • Service Bench tool

  • Display switching

  • Showroom demo system

    This multi-faceted utility product combines several control room products into one high performance powerhouse. Imagine a Passive 6x1 Video & Stereo Audio Switcher to feed a Dual Channel Analog VU meter and add of a state-of-the-art 30WATTS PER CHANNEL STEREO POWER AMPLIFIER. This is the OMX-DEM100.

    Enclosed in a 2 rack height 19" cabinet, the OMX-DEM100 is the perfect A/V signal "sniffer" in a master console. In duplication rooms, it can be the master source selector or the Quality Control tester. It has hundreds of uses in today's multi-tasking environments where space and cost is a major concern.

    An earphone jack is also provided which interrupts audio feed to speakers.


  • NUMBER OF SWITCHER INPUTS: 6 Composite Video, Non-Terminating: BNC; 6 Stereo Audio: RCA Connectors

  • NUMBER OF OUTPUTS: 1 Composite Video: BNC Connectors; 2 Audio Jacks: RCA Connectors; 1 Earphone Jack

  • SWITCHING SELECT: Front Panel: Interlock-lockout: MMB pushbutton

  • CONTROLS: Amplifier Level: both channels

  • POWER AMPLIFIER: 30WATTS per channel RMS into 8 ohms; Distortion: <0.05%; S/N: 85dB @ 10Hz - 30Khz; Frequency Response: 10Hz - 60Khz

  • VU TYPE: Coil type VU Meter

  • DIMENSIONS: 3.5 H X 7 D X 19 W EIA rackmount (inches)

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