4x1 Video / Audio Switcher

4x1 Video / Audio Switcher
Item# OMX-9142
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Product Description

The OMX-9142 is a high performance 4x1 switcher for

composite video and audio stereo signals. Two switching modes can be selected by a switch on the rear panel. In the vertical interval mode glitch-free transitions are provided when sources share a common reference sync, and in the immediate mode switching

takes place instantly.

The OMX-9142 can be controlled by front panel buttons

or by shorting the corresponding pin to ground

using a detachable block screw terminal connector on

the rear panel. Video bandwidth exceeding 330MHz

ensures transparent performance even in critical

broadcast and production applications. Exceptionally

high performance also allows it to be used for SDI

(serial digital) and high line rate video signals.

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