Ocean Matrix 4x4 Video & Stereo Audio Passive Switcher

Ocean Matrix 4x4 Video & Stereo Audio Passive Switcher
Item# OMX-9055
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Product Description

    The OMX-9055 is a 4x4 Video/Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher that uses no power due to its purely mechanical design. It is the first true matrix of its kind allowing simultaneous four different crosspoints of Video & Stereo Audio. The OMX-9055 becomes the perfect solution for any Video Audio switching application, ideal in the studio and/or field. Its high quality design does not allow connection of more than one video source to a certain output & vice-versa. Housed in a 19" rackmount package with high quality, color coded switches for easy identification and high isolation between inputs and outputs. All unselected video inputs are internally terminated with 75 Ohms resistors.

    Technical Specifications

  • INPUTS: 4 Video, 1Vpp/75 Ohms on BNC; 4 Audio-stereo, 1Vpp, on RCA

  • DIMENSIONS: 19", 1RU


  • OUTPUTS: 4 Composite Video (or RGBS), 1Vpp/75 Ohms on BNC; 4 Audio-stereo 1Vpp on RCA

  • CROSSPOINTS: 16 for video, 16x2 for audio, 4 active

  • SWITCHING SYSTEM: Mechanical, Break before make at any given time

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