RevPro FireWire (1394a) DriveZoom

RevPro FireWire (1394a) Drive

RevPro FireWire (1394a) Drive + 1 Media. Based on the Iomega REV removable storage system, Grass Valley REV PRO drives and disks are specifically engineered for the demands of video professionals and offer unprecedented price/performance for video recording, editing, delivery and archiving. REV PRO brings workflow security and efficiency to all popular editing systems, including EDIUS Pro, and is a cornerstone of Grass Valley's Infinity Series line of IT-immersed acquisition and workflow products. REV PRO disks deliver the portability and cost-effectiveness of a video tape with the speed, flexibility, and ease of use of nonlinear, random access media. REV PRO delivers realtime recording and playback with a minimum total sustained data rate of 110Mbps to support a single stream of high-definition (HD) video or two simultaneous streams of standard-definition (SD) video. With a storage capacity of 35GB per disk, REV PRO offers approximately 45 minutes of high-quality HD video or more than two hours of SD video. In addition, REV PRO features enhanced security, providing password protection of content.
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