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My Cinema Combo. Enjoying Digital (ATSC/QAM) and Analog(NTSC) TV on PC at the same time! Provides a total solution for home theater entertainments. Whether you want to watch TV, record TV, make scheduled recording, edit and make your own movies, play DVD/VCD, or listen to MP3 music and FM radio, this card can satisfy all your needs. "Asus My Cinema-PE9400 Combo" is a combination of analog TV receiver and digital TV receiver. You can watch analog TV and digital TV over the air (or digital TV through a standard coaxial cable) simultaneously. The greatest bonus is that you can also watch analog TV or digital TV and record another, or record two different channels at the same time. "Asus My Cinema- PE9400Combo" is embedded with MPEG2 hardware encoder, your CPU loading can be dramatically reduced. Therefore, you can surf the internet and watch TV programs in the same time! In addition, with built-in hardware noise reduction technology and the advanced decoder, this card produces extremely high video quality for better TV experience. "Asus My Cinema- PE9400Combo" can easily help you turn the PC into a smart multimedia center!
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