AVerTVHD Hybrid Express (code: HC80) is a hybrid analog worldwide standard TV and ATSC receiver card certified with ExpressCardTM Interface solution. It provides easy connectivity and versatility that you d expect more than ever, smaller but faster I/O expansion targeting laptop PC users have option to watch over-the-air digital TV shows or analog TV programs anywhere. The AVerTVHD Hybrid Express with supplied antenna is your perfect travel mate. In addition, with MPEG-2 hardware encoder built-in, this device lowers the consumption of CPU process and guarantees customers high-quality video content editing, such as instant recording, playback, and TimeShift functionalities. Equipped with high quality TV tuner, the AVerTVHD Hybrid Express shows better video performance and lever the overall PVR experiences, including Recording Scheduler, TimeShift, Snapshot and MPEG-2 recording. The latest software application AVerTV 6 has been ergonomically designed to fit in with your lifestyle and kept continues to be improved with the addition of new features and advanced functions such as "Multiple-user setting", Fast Channel switching and scanning and "Wake-Up Recording from Hibernate (S4) / Stand By (S3) Mode", etc. Now ready to experience the express of efficiency and quality with AVerMedia.
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