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Turn your LCD Monitor into a TV/Multimedia Center.
Super sleek, portable AVerMedia TVBox 9 transforms your LCD monitor
into a TV and plug-n-play multimedia entertainment station, with or
without using a PC. Connect your DVD player, VCR, game console
(like Nintendo, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, XBOX) or other devices
with ease! Cutting edge Progressive Scan technology and 3D-Motion
Adaptive De-Interlace give sharper images while you enjoy full-
screen SXGA high-resolution display (up to 1280 x 1024). Work on
your PC and watch TV simultaneously with the convenient Picture-in-
Picture function! With AVerMedia TV Box 9, compatible with VGA
input LCD/CRT/Plasma/Projection displays, watch TV, movies, and
play video games in style!
Includes TVBox 9 with Vertical Stand, Infrared Remote Control
(Batteries Included), AC Power Adapter, VGA Cable, Audio Cable,
S-Video/Component YPbPr (480i) 2 in 1 Cable, User Manual.
* Turn your LCD Monitor into a TV/Multimedia Center
- 3:2 PullDown:
Remove Jitters by transferring 24 frames per second movie signal into
30 frames per second.
- Progressive Scan Output
A scanning process that converts standard interlaced video
into progressive scan video by eliminating flicker and enhancing
picture quality.
- Multiple Channel Preview
View 13 channels simultaneously in the viewing are to monitor specific
channels or searches.
* Supports Resolution up to 1280 x 1024 (SXGA)
* Multiple Channel Preview (Up to 13 Channels)
* Great to use with Game Console, DVD Player, VCR or Anything with
Composite/S-Video/Component YPbPr (480i) Output.
* Picture-in-Picture (PIP) Function (PIP See-Through Translucent Mode),
supports up to 1280 x 1024.
* 3:2 Pull Down Technology (For NTSC System Only)
* Progressive Scan Output
* Supports Component YPbPr (480i) Input
* 3D Motion Adaptive De-Interlace
* Supports all LCD/CRT/Plasma/Projection Displays with VGA Inputs
* Stereo Sound/SAP (for NTSC System only)
* Closed Caption/Parental Control (For USA Only)
* Supports Multiple Input Sources (TV Tuner, S-Video, Composite Video,
Component YPbPr (480i), VGA).
* All Frequency/All Channel Scan with Channel Memorizing Function.
* Plug-n-Play, No Software or Drivers Required, Applicable to all O/S.
* User Friendly OSD (On Screen Display) to Control Functions.
* Fully Functional Infrared Remote Control
* Sleep Timer
* Favorite Channel Programming
* Fine Tuning Function
* Brightness/Contrast/Tint/Color/Sharpness Adjustment
* Supports NTSC, PAL-N and PAL-M

-- SPECIFICATIONs -------------------------------------
INPUT SIGNAL - Coaxial TV Antenna Input
Audio Input (R/L)
VGA Input
Composite (RCA) Video Input
S-Video Input/Component Input (via S-Video/Component YPbPr
(480i) 2 in 1 Cable).
PC Audio Input
OUTPUT SIGNAL- Audio Output (earphone)
Audio Output (speaker)
VGA Monitor Output
REQUIRES- LCD/CRT Computer Monitors
Projector with VGA Input
SIZE - 6.3" x 4.5" x 1.0" WT.- 0.6 lb
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