Pyro Card Bus 1394 DV -laptopsZoom

Pyro Card Bus 1394 DV -laptops

Item# DHAPI601


FEATURES- CardBus PYRO 1394 DV Notebooks
Add 2 FireWire ports and Edit digital video on your notebook
Get all the speed that your computer was designed to deliver.
External devices such as SCSI, printer ports and even USB move at a
snail's pace compared to IEEE-1394.
1394/FireWire lets you connect up to 63 devices to your computer and
operate at speeds up to 400 Mb/sec., that's 50MB of data per
With the PYRO cardbus you have the power to connect 1394 devices
such as FireWire hard drives, CD-ROM drives, CD-RW, DVD and DVD-RAM
drives, printers, scanners, speakers, cameras, and digital
Includes PYRO 1394 Host card, connector dongle with two 1394 ports, 6 ft.
4-pin x 4-pin 1394 cable, software and manual.
* Pure DV Video editing solution.
* Supports DV, MPEG, MPEG2, Real Video, QuickTime.
* For PC includes VideoStudio 4.01 with DV SmartPlay.
* For Macintosh includes Digital Origin EditDV Unplugged software.
* Plug & Play and Hot swappable.

-- SPECIFICATIONs ------------------------------------
INTERFACE/BUS- 32-bit CardBus
CONNECTORs - (2) IEEE-1394/FireWire ports (1 4-pin & 1 6-pin)
TRANSFER RATE- 100, 200 and 400 Mbits/sec.
SOFTWARE - CD for Windows includes Camcorder drivers, Ulead
VideoStudio 4.01 with DV SmartPlay, TeVeo Live video
sharing software, Videoshare software, DirectX 8, MyDVD,
Microsoft's Media Player 7 and Media Encoder 7, Acrobat
Reader, PhotoIsland and FireNet Networking sampler.
Software for Mac's includes Digital Origin EditDV Unplugged.
REQUIREMENTS - Pentium II 333MHz or faster
Mac G3 Powerbook or later
MacOS 9.0 or later
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