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ADVC HDM1 converter

Item# DH652154
The Grass Valley ADVCHDM1 converter, engineered by Canopus, brings the world-renowned ADVC lineup into the high definition world, providing editors with high-quality bidirectional conversion between HD-SDI and HDV, complete with embedded audio. ADVCHDM1 not only lets you easily and instantly convert HD-SDI output to HDV and ingest HDV material into HD-SDI systems for archiving, but it can also encode HD MPEG-2 transport streams up to a full 1920x1080 resolution, using any one choice of eight different bitrate settings that best suits your workflow. And as always with an ADVC product, you re assured of platform-agnostic support, whether using a Windows- or Mac OS-based NLE application, NTSC or PAL video, or a camera, deck, or video editing board. Key Features Converts HD-SDI to HDV with embedded audio Converts HDV to HD-SDI with embedded audio Encode MPEG-2 transport streams with a choice of eight different bitrate settings, from 11Mbps to 40Mbps Supports HD video resolutions up to and including 1920x1080 Input external timecode when encoding HDV Control HD-SDI decks via HDV and vice versa, with AV/C-RS422 device control conversion Simple, two-button control for encoding/decoding and timecode mode via the front panel Perfect for recording from HD-SDI sources to a Grass Valley Turbo iDDR Compatible with Windows- and Mac OS-based NLE software applications that support HDV/HD-SDI Can be used as a stand-alone bidirectional HD-SDI/HDV video converter without needing a computer Solid 8-inch, half-1U rack mount, with optional rack mount kit available
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