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ADVC - HDSC1 converter

Item# DH604061
ADVC-HDSC1 is an SDI-to-component signal converter that converts HD-SDI signals to HD component output or SD-SDI signals to SD component output. ADVC-HDSC1 provides instant output of HD content to affordable HD component displays, such as HDTVs and RGB computer monitors, and SD content to component, S-Video and composite displays. ADVCHDSC1 also incorporates a sync generator for both HD (Tri-Level sync) and SD (Black Burst), making this unit an ideal tool for video editing studios. Optional rackmount kit available Key Features Converts HD-SDI to HD component (YPbPr or RGB) Converts SD-SDI to SD component (YPbPr or RGB), S-Video and composite Converts HD/SD-SDI embedded audio to unbalanced analog audio Sync Generator for SD (Black Burst) and HD (Tri-Level Sync) Automatic signal detection of video input Convenient front-panel video format and audio level meter displays Solid 8-inch, half-1U rack mount, with optional rack mount kit available
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