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MVR-D2200V Encoder

Item# DH603019
MVR-D2200V is a professional high-quality MPEG-1and MPEG-2 encoder with the ability to filter, stabilize and enhance analog source video prior to MPEG encoding. Powerful pre-filtering features in MVRD2200V include advanced 3D Y/C separation to reduce color noise and improve image quality, 3D digital noise reduction to eliminate noise in the analog video signal, a line time base corrector (LTBC) to correct any video images that jitter, as well as digital frame synchronization and auto gain controls. MVR-D2200V is the successor to the Canopus Amber board and features additional analog video signal filtering, cleaning and stabilization technology. Supporting realtime, hardware-based MPEG encoding and software-based MPEG decoding, MVRD2200V also includes an updated SDK, providing full board function control and backwards-compatibility for Amber and MediaEdge SDK-based applications
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