ADVC3000 A/D ConverterZoom

ADVC3000 A/D Converter

Item# DH602159
ADVC-3000- engineered by Canopus, provides instant, high-quality bidirectional video conversion between analog and digital equipment. Combining and enhancing the features of both the ADVC700 and ADVC1000 converters, ADVC3000 can convert between analog and DV, DV and SD-SDI, and analog and SD-SDI and analog and SD-SDI. Whether you need to convert YUV component video to uncompressed SDI, DV to Y/C S-Video, or simply to de-embed and re-embed audio from a digital video stream, ADVC3000 is designed to meet the conversion requirements of broadcasters, cable operators, video professionals and post-production.
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